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    About Sima

                                  When I am not at an immigration hearing, assisting DOJ (Department of Justice) judges with a                                               hearing on removal proceedings, or on the phone assisting a DHS (Department of Homeland                                                 Security) officer with a detainee’s intake interview, . . . I am in the kitchen putting finishing touches on                                     catering events  for a Bat/ Bar Mitzvah, Special Birthday, an Anniversary, a corporate event, or in a                                       meeting with a bride and groom, coordinating the most important event in their lives from ketuba to                                       Kababs.  
                                  You see interpreting is a skill that I possess, but catering and event planning is my passion. It is what I                                   live for. What I wake up and look forward to do every time I have an event. It really is not just a job for                                   me. It’s a way of life. Something that feeds my soul.  

I am known as the Calm Caterer. The truth is that when I am planning an event, I don’t have any aches and pains or any worries or concerns. Everything is just right. I am in my elements of joyfulness, creativity and gratitude.  
Well, all this joyfulness and calmness isn’t just there by chance. It is there as the result of many hours and time, energy and caring, spent listening to my clients, addressing their concerns and desires and collectively charting courses of action, creating deadlines and timelines while trying very hard sticking to a budget, if it exists. Whether I am catering for 20 to 30 guests at a Shabbat dinner, or having an event for 200 or 300 guests, every event will get the same consideration and attention.
It is my ultimate goal to please the client. I often find them recanting their experience even years after their event while having a smile on their face.

I know sometimes having a simcha can be stressful, it is my every intention to get rid of the stress for you and offer you serenity and ease of mind knowing that your event will run smoothly, beautifully and hassle free. 
Communication is very important to me, both to my staff as well as to my clients. In presenting a menu, I try very hard to get to know not only the client but also their guests. Are there any allergies we need to take into consideration, any special diets or restrictions, such as gluten free or nuts. The more we know about the client, the more successful the event.  
 Quality of the food used has utmost importance to me. This is one place I will not compromise. This is so important to me that it became our tag line. “Quality You Can Taste, A Taste You Will Not Soon Forget”.  

Although, my expertise is in Persian and Mediterranean cuisines, I have chefs that can prepare top Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, and most international cuisines.

Contact me at 858-205-9738 and let’s chat. Bring me your concerns, your limitations, your hopes and dreams and let me and my team of professionals staff and venders help you with a pleasurable experience and a memorable event not only for you, but also for your guests.  

Sima's Gourmet Catering
"Quality You Can Taste, A Taste You Will Soon Not Forget"

Call Sima's Gourmet Catering For Your Next Event at 858-205-9738 or e-mail her at info@simascatering.com

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